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Product Quality Qledge System


1、 Our company is is a high-tech enterprise that we can do professional design and manufacture un-standard machine equipments and automation production line .

2、 Technology has a design group that is good at bringing forth new ideas,combines successful experience inside and outside of country,optimizes design program ,we adopt advandce design method to guarantee the whole equipment advance and reliability.

3 、 At the manufacturing ,we have be all ready in technology ,plentiful machining experience ,stable social medium ,comsummate examination method.Other ways our company has digital-contorling machining machine tool and digital-contorling center etc,to ensure the product quality much more efficient .

4 、 install :according to our fixing experience ,we found a department to do with managing and organizing unified .the department are formed by personnel ,fitter ,examinant ,and we will work up a detailed schedule with you ,and carry out it strictly.

5 、After sales service :we will be free of training personnel, reparing worker and equipment operating for you during in designing ,producing,installing and adjusting .And we will providee technology material and all kinds of elements supplier to customer,necessary ,we can provide the urgent spare parts to you with the preferential price and the fast speed.

6、 we promise :our company is the best perfessional manufacturing factory in our country ,no matter whether the machine equipments is made by us or not ,so long as you demand ,we will send the best outstanding person to go your place ,service you.

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