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The first ping-pong team competition “Elite cup” is end up with success.

Recently, the first “Elite Cup” Ping-Pong team competition is hosted by Chuzhou Ping-Pong society, sponsored by Journey Ping-Pong club and Chuzhou Elite company, the chairman of the company’s labor union Mr. Jiangguanghui represent our company to join in the opening ceremony, our company’s represent member obtain one good grade of runner-up.

In this competition, the attended team includes Chuzhou Cigarette plant, National taxes, Inspect bureauFinancial bureau, Food bureau, Construction official, Railway bureau, Surpass bureau, Square, Youngsters club and Sophamide mall. The time of competition is one day, which adopts three out of five sets, divided into four grades of A, B, C, D, the whole match events obtained a complete success under the adequate preparation and detailed organization. At the same time, the whole match reveals a good spiritual style (unity, friendship, go all out in work,    advance bravely).

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