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Explore the international market, put across the project construction of VTB!!!

At the beginning of Nov, we win the biding of the VTB projects for assembly line, vacuum forming machine and side panel forming line. All the leaders and staffs are very careful for this project, from the beginning to the end without any slack, pay attention to it and prepare for it actively. work in unity and in cooperation, overcome all the difficulties, at last declare the project complete.

On Dec. 14th, the customer of VTB begin the initial test and check and accept. During the course of receiving, the working warmheartedness , the meticulous working style, the  cooperated team spirit give customer the deep impression and got the high praise and confirmation, they show the praise of our ability for contract to build this project. The result of testing are very satisfied ,all the whole project passed the check and accept, especially the work of vacuum forming department is very good and the result of checking for the vacuum forming machine is very good.


The completion of the whole project reflect our technology and ability for contract to build the big cooling equipment project, establish the good base for developing the international market. And also reflect reflect  the style and features of our leaders ,set up the corporate image. During the following work, all the staffs will keep it and carry forward.





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